Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy - Male

Hormone Replacement Therapy - Male services offered in Houston, TX

Hormone replacement therapy offers testosterone-deficient men a way to restore their vigor and vitality. At The Honeycomb Clinic in Houston, Texas, the group of leading physicians and healthcare specialists offers personalized care with attention to individual needs. If you’re experiencing issues like low libido and irritability, call the office or click the online scheduler to set up your hormone replacement therapy consultation* today. 

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy involves replacing depleted hormones to alleviate unpleasant and unwanted symptoms. The Honeycomb Clinic offers testosterone replacement therapy for male* patients. 

There are many forms of hormone replacement therapy, including injectable pellets, patches, pills, gels, and topical creams. All types of hormone replacement therapy have the same goal, though: restoring your testosterone levels using synthetic hormones that are virtually identical to those your body makes itself.

What are the signs that I need hormone replacement therapy?

Men start to lose testosterone at around age 30. In the coming decades, you’ll experience a gradual decline in your total testosterone hormone levels every year. You can also have low testosterone symptoms if you’re born with a genetic condition like Klinefelter syndrome or if you experience a traumatic injury to your testicles.

Most men notice evidence of hormone depletion and think it’s an inevitable problem of aging. But low testosterone is fixable. Some common symptoms of low testosterone include: 


  • Lower libido
  • Difficulty achieving and maintaining erections (erectile dysfunction)
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Loss of lean muscle mass


If you’re experiencing some or all of these symptoms, hormone replacement therapy can give you a major quality-of-life boost. 

How does hormone replacement therapy work?

Testosterone replacement therapy starts with a blood test in the in-house lab. This reveals your exact testosterone level compared to other men your age. According to The American Urology Association, low testosterone is 300 nanograms per deciliter or less (ng/dL), but you might experience testosterone depletion symptoms if you're at that level or higher. 

The Honeycomb Clinic promotes collaborative care, so your providers discuss the options with you to help you find the ideal approach to relieve your symptoms. 

Every method of hormone replacement therapy has a different approach. You may need pellet injections in the office a few times a year, or you might inject testosterone or apply topical products at home. 

As your testosterone levels return to normal, you’ll experience excellent symptom relief. Your providers can adjust your dosage based on your results. 

If you’re experiencing poor libido, unsatisfactory sexual encounters, low energy, or other symptoms of low testosterone, call The Honeycomb Clinic or click the online scheduling feature to set up your consultation today.